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The Benefit of Pain

When a person experiences constant severe pain, it can drive them to the edge, where they might consider suicide as an option. This article is written by a person that experiences pain of that intensity. Pain pills can make the pain tolerable, but cannot always take it away. This article shows an alternative way to […]

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Why Christian Counselling Is the Best Therapy

Carl Rogers (1902-1987), the father of relational or client-centred therapy, having seen his method and read him, was very Christian in his approach to therapy – he served his clients. So valuable was his client’s experience, it was Rogers’ very platform into their world: “Experience is, for me, the highest authority. The touchstone of validity […]

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Crystal Healing Scientific Evidence

Advocates for Crystal Healing have been around for centuries. Most people have and do assume that it is quackery. But a research project found the scientific mechanism that allows our body’s energy field to receive transmissions from radiating crystals. Crystal Healing is not quackery. The Third Eye The ancient Third Eye of our ancestors had […]

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