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Inferiority – How to Heal This Feeling?

Do you feel lower in status or ability than others? Perhaps you find yourself engaging in self-disparaging self-talk from time to time. ‘I can’t do this as well as them’; ‘I fall behind because I’m basically too slow’; ‘They look down on me because I’m not good enough’. Here we have a sense of inferiority […]

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Is Chronic Stress Killing You?

Think about it. Is chronic stress killing you? Is all stress bad for your health? The Answer: No, not all stress is bad, nor is all stress created equal-some is vital for life, and necessary for optimal wellness of mind and body. In the right amounts, stress can improve brain function, enable creative endeavors, improve […]

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The Benefit of Pain

When a person experiences constant severe pain, it can drive them to the edge, where they might consider suicide as an option. This article is written by a person that experiences pain of that intensity. Pain pills can make the pain tolerable, but cannot always take it away. This article shows an alternative way to […]

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